Ein Keshatot Ancient Synagogue Opens Formally to the Public

The ancient synagogue from the Mishnah and Talmud period, is one of the most impressive and important of this period found in the Land of Israel.

The ancient Synagofue Kshatot Rechavam at Um El Kantir
Ein Kshatot  Synagogue By Amos Gal [CC BY-SA 3.0]/Wikimedia

In this synagogue, an innovative method of reconstruction was first ever tried. The stones scattered around the site were marked and numbered.  Each stone was scanned with laser technology and its 3D model stored in a data base. Later, a computer program virtually reconstructed the building and shows where each stone was originally placed in the structure prior to its collapse. accordingly the stones were returned to their original location. The final result is stunning! Near the synagogue there is also a pleasant small spring under a stone arch with some picnic tables.

The name “Ein Keshatot” translates to English as “Arches Spring” and is derived from the small spring that is located under an

arch structure besides the Synagogue.

Um El Kantir Spring Near Kshatot Rechavam ancient synagogue
Um El Kantir Spring By Deror_avi [CC BY-SA 3.0]/Wikimedia
During Succot 2018, the site was opened formally to the public after the 15 year long renovation work had been completed. The site, operated by the Golan Tourism organization  includes a visitor center, Movie and optional guided tours for additional fee. Admission fee: Adult 23 NIS / Child 15 NIS.

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Location: GPS (32.848743, 35.740277)

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Written by Erez Speiser

Erez Speiser, born 1966 in Israel. lives in Rakefet in the Galilee. By education he is a mechanical engineer.For the last decade he holds a marketing position in a multinational metal cutting tools company. Erez is passionate about nature and the outdoors, enjoys hiking, mountain biking & surfing. Erez loves Israel and tries to promote hiking tourism in the country. He is the founder & manager of www.hike-israel.com