About Us

“Israel by Foot” was developed to enable the independent tourist to easily “spice-up” a “standard” tour in Israel with real Nature & hiking experiences.

Our program covers all levels and desires. Starting from scenic Road Trips up to Changing Hikes and in between Short easy Walks and Unique Picnic Spots. The common guideline in all the sections is our passion to Israels Nature and the desire to share it with all of you.

Self Guided Hikes

Hiking the Galilee and the Golan Heights

Israel by Foot offers a program of  self-guided hikes, covering the country from North to South. The hikes are planned for ½ day – full day outing, with distance ranging from 5 to 15 km. Each hike includes:

Scenic Road Trips

Scorpion pass (Maale Akrabim] road serpentines
By IsraelHikingMap [CC BY-SA 4.04]/Wikimedia
Israel by Foot offers a program of  self-guided Road Trips, covering the country from North to South. The Road Trips are planned for ½ day – 2 days outing. All the itineraries, combine the Road Trip with  visits to unique Natural, Historical and Archaeological attractions along with interesting short hikes. Each Road Trip includes:

Picnics and Short Walks

Picnics in Israels Nature combined with short walks

Unique Picnic Spots and easy walks up to 3 Km long, will bring you to amazing spots in Israel’s Nature. If you are not a hardcore hiker, or you are just limited in time – This is the section for you!!
All the spots and walks selected here, are very easy to reach and supper easy to navigate when done with our Detailed hiking Maps & GPS Track Files.

The information is always available in two options:
Free – Enabling a traveler with his own maps to g on any of the outings offered.
Modest Fee of 2$-6$ – We provide Detailed Hiking Maps and GPS Track Files that will make the outings supper easy and accessible.

See you on the trails…
Israel by Foot

About Myself

View of Masada from Elazar Mountain
View From Elazar Mountain

My name is Erez Speiser. I was born in Israel in 1966, living now in Rakefet (Lower Galilee). By education I am a mechanical engineer. For the last decade I hold a marketing position in a multi-national metal-cutting tools company.
However, my true Passion had always been nature and outdoors. I Enjoy Hiking, Mountain biking, Wind Surfing & Stand-Up Paddling.
I Love Israel and its nature and since 2018 I started to put my skills, passion and knowledge into promoting Hiking tourism in the country through this website.
The website is “solo built” gradually by myself without any assistance.  (writing, Mapping, Graphics and Web design).
Contact: ersp1966@gmail.com