View of Jerusalem from mount Olives

Hikes Near Jerusalem

Spice up your Jerusalem vacation with great Hikes, just 30-60 minutes from the city

The classic Hikes of Wadi Qelt, The Springs Trail and Qumeran with detailed Maps and GPS files
A waterfall in Wadi Qelt canyon, Israel

Wadi Qelt (Kelt) Hike

A desert oasis just 20 Km from Jerusalem

A short distance from Jerusalem, in the Judean desert,  Wadi Qelt (Ein Prat) flows to Jericho. Our route will take you through Springs, Pools, deep Canyons and an old Monastery.

You can choose the long 10 Km or the short 5 Km options. on the trail visit Old Aqueducts an pools with great swimming opportunities

Region – Judea Desert
Distance – 9 Km.
Short version – About 5 Km.
Accumulated Climb – 200 m.
Difficulty – Moderate.
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Ein Prat Natural Reserve

One of many springs in the Jerusalem mountains

The Springs Trail

5 Springs in 1 Hike just 15 Km from Jerusalem

An easy circuit between small springs typical to the western slopes of the Judean mountains.

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Region – Judea Mountains
Distance – 9.5 Km.
Short version – 6.5 Km
Very short – 3.5 Km
Accumulated Climb – 170 m
Difficulty – Easy
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Seadim Ruins parking

Ktalav Wadi Hike

Hike The Red Tree Wadi

Wide views of the Judean mountains and Dense and varied forest, dotted with Reddish Ktalav trees.

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Region – Judean Mountains
Distance – 7.5 Km.
Accumulated Climb – 300 m
Difficulty – Moderate
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BarBahar parking

Qumeran cave where the dead sea scrolls where found

Qumran- Daed Sea – Hike

Deep desert feeling only 50 Km from Jerusalem

Our hike Starts at Qumran. The site where the Dead-Sea scrolls were written. Climb the Dead Sea cliffs and get an amazing view of Einot Zukim and the Dead Sea.

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Region – Judea Desert
Distance – 13 Km.
Accumulated Climb – 400 m
Difficulty – Difficult
For Private or Public transport directions, use Google Maps –
Qumeran National Park