View of Jerusalem from mount Olives

Hikes Near Jerusalem

Spice up your Jerusalem vacation with great Hikes, just 30-60 minutes from the city

Scenic road trrip from Tel Aviv (Or Ben Gurion airport) to Jerusalem

Beit Guvrin to Jerusalem 4 Days Trek

Hike across the Judean planes and up the Judean mountains all the way to Jerusalem. Visit along the way biblical and historical sites, relax near small springs and in-between enjoy boutique breweries and wineries.

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Waterfall in the Canyon of Wadi Qelt

Wadi Qelt (Kelt) Hike and GuideBook

Our Hike in Wadi Qelt (Ein Prat) will take you through Springs, Pools, deep Canyons and an old Monastery. If you are not up to a long Hike, use our GuideBook to visit the main attractions of Wadi Qelt without sweating.

Hike Metrics
Guided Group Hikes
Self-Guided Hike
Distance9 Km
Short versions1 - 5 Km
Climb200 m
BestDec - Mar
PossibleNov - Apr
(Short version can be done all year round)
/ Starting PointGoogle-Maps-icon-2020
Sarig Spring near Jerusalem

The Springs Trail

Visit 5 Springs in one easy Hike. The Springs Trail is an easy circuit between small springs typical to the western slopes of the Judean mountains, located just 15 minutes from Jerusalem city center.

Hike Metrics
Hike Description
Distance9.5 Km
Short versions3.5 - 6.5 Km
Climb170 m
BestDec - Apr
PossibleAll Year
Start PointGoogle-Maps-icon-2020

Ktalav Wadi Hike

Hike The Ktalav Red Tree Wadi. On the way down enjoy wide open views on the Judean mountain ridges. Then Hike up inside the Ktalav Wadi though the dense forest, dotted with the Reddish Ktalav trees.

Hike Metrics
Hike Description
Distance7.5 Km
Short versionsN / A
Climb300 m
BestDec - Apr
PossibleAll Year
/ Start PointGoogle-Maps-icon-2020