Ktalav Wadi Hike

Hike The Red Tree Wadi

Wide views of the Judean mountains and Dense and varied forest, dotted with Reddish Ktalav trees.

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Region – Judean Mountains
Distance – 7.5 Km.
Accumulated Climb – 300 m
Difficulty – Moderate
For Private or Public transport directions, use Google Maps –
BarBahar parking

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Track Description:

  • Starting point –  parking area near BarBahar restaurant (1).
  • This a very popular Cafe/Restaurant (On weekends) with a big outdoor balcony overlooking the mountains.
  • Start following the ‡Black‡ marked dirt road parallel to the main road.
  • After about 300 m the road will become a footpath and start descending.
  • After another 250 m you will arrive to a junction with a ‡Red‡ marked trail (5). Ignore it and continue with the ‡Black‡ markers.
  • On your way you will pass Giora Spring (usually dry) and after 600 m you will meet the junction with the ‡Blue‡ marked trail (2).
  • Turn left and follow the ‡Blue‡ markers. The trail follows the slope of the Wadi about 100 m above the bottom. After about 2 Km you will arrive to a junction with  a  ‡Green‡ marker (3).
  • Turn right and follow the  ‡Green‡ marker. After 100 m you will arrive to an old muslim grave called “Dir a Sheich”. The contrast of the white ruins against the green forest makes a very pretty spot. It is surrounded by fruit trees and spring flowers and makes a great excuse for an extended break.
Dir-A-Sheich – By Oren Peles [CC BY 2.5], Wikimedia Commons
  • Continue for another 800 m on with the ‡Green‡ markers until you meet the bed of the Ktalav Wadi and a junction with  ‡Black‡ markers (4).
  • The Wadi received its name from the Red Ktalav tree (Arbutus andrachne) that populates its forest.

Eastern Strawberry Tree (Arbutus andrachne)

  • Turn right and follow he ‡Black‡ markers up the Wadi.
  • It’s a beautiful and fun section. A narrow and dark shaded wadi with occasional rocks to negotiate.
  • On your way you pass the Ktalav Spring, that may hold some water during the winter.
  • Go up the Wadi for 1.5 Km until you reach the  junction with the  ‡Blue‡ marked trail (2). Continue further on the ‡Black‡ for another 600 m until the junction with the  ‡Red‡ marked trail  (5). 
  • Turn right and follow the ‡Red‡ markers circulating the northern side of the hill, Getting great views of the mountain between the trees from time to time.
  • After 650 m you reach a junction with a dirt road and a ‡Black‡ marker. (6)
  • Turn left to reach the starting point in 150 m (1)

Wadi Ktalav Hiking Map

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