Ktalav Wadi Hike

Hike The Ktalav Red Tree Wadi. On the way down enjoy wide-open views on the Judean mountain ridges. Then Hike up inside the Ktalav Wadi through the dense forest, dotted with the Reddish Ktalav trees.

Hike Metrics
Hike Description
Distance7.5 Km
Short versionsN / A
Climb300 m
BestDec - Apr
PossibleAll Year
/ Start PointGoogle-Maps-icon-2020

Hike Description:

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  • Starting point –  parking area near BarBahar restaurant (1).
  • This a very popular Cafe/Restaurant (On weekends) with a big outdoor balcony overlooking the mountains.
  • Start following the ‡Black‡ marked dirt road parallel to the main road.
  • After about 300 m the road will become a footpath and start descending.
  • After another 250 m, you will arrive at a junction with a ‡Red‡ marked trail (5). Ignore it and continue with the ‡Black‡ markers.
  • On your way, you will pass Giora Spring (usually dry) and after 600 m you will meet the junction with the ‡Blue‡ marked trail (2).
Guided Tour

  • Start at Bet Guvrin National Park.
  • Hike to the Elah Valley
  • Walk in Wadi Ktalav.
  • Hike the Springs trail and end up at Ein Karem (Jerusalem)

Inn to Inn Hiking with Luggage Tranfer

  • Turn left and follow the ‡Blue‡ markers. The trail follows the slope of the Wadi about 100 m above the bottom. After about 2 Km you will arrive at a junction with a  ‡Green‡ marker (3).
  • Turn right and follow the  ‡Green‡ marker. After 100 m you will arrive at an old Muslim grave called “Dir a Sheich”. The contrast of the white ruins against the green forest makes a very pretty spot. It is surrounded by fruit trees and spring flowers and makes a great excuse for an extended break.
Dir-A-Sheich – By Oren Peles [CC BY 2.5], Wikimedia Commons
  • Continue for another 800 m on with the ‡Green‡ markers until you meet the bed of the Ktalav Wadi and a junction with  ‡Black‡ markers (4).
  • The Wadi received its name from the Red Ktalav tree (Arbutus andrachne) that populates its forest.

Eastern Strawberry Tree (Arbutus andrachne)

  • Turn right and follow the ‡Black‡ markers up the Wadi.
  • It’s a beautiful and fun section. A narrow and dark shaded wadi with occasional rocks to negotiate.
  • On your way, you pass the Ktalav Spring, which may hold some water during the winter.
  • Go up the Wadi for 1.5 Km until you reach the junction with the  ‡Blue‡ marked trail (2). Continue further on the ‡Black‡ for another 600 m until the junction with the  ‡Red‡ marked trail  (5). 
  • Turn right and follow the ‡Red‡ markers circulating the northern side of the hill, Getting great views of the mountain between the trees from time to time.
  • After 650 m you reach a junction with a dirt road and a ‡Black‡ marker. (6)
  • Turn left to reach the starting point in 150 m (1)

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