Hiking the desert oasis of Wadi Qelt

Wadi Kelt (Prat Stream)

A desert oasis just 20 Km from Jerusalem

A short distance from Jerusalem, in the Judea desert,  Wadi Kelt (Prat stream) flows to Jericho. Our route will take you through Springs, Pools and the  deep Wadi Kelt canyon and an Old monastery.

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Region – Judea Desert
Distance – 9 Km.
Accumulated Climb – 200 m.
Difficulty – Moderate.
For Private or Public transport directions, use Google Maps –
Ein Prat Natural Reserve

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Track description:

  • Starting point –  parking area at En Prat Natural Reserve (1). (entrance fee required)
  • Follow the ‡Blue‡ marker upstream on the road for 200 m to reach Prat Spring. (2)
  • Up on the cliffs you can see the Faran monastery.
  • Retrace to the starting point and continue with the ‡Red‡ markers down stream for about 700 m to the junction with the  ‡Blue‡ marker. (3)
  • Keep right on the ‡Blue‡ marker into the canyon.
  • Stay with the ‡Blue‡ markers for about 3.5 Km along the stream until the junction with the ‡Red‡ markers. (4).
  • This is the most exciting part of the route. The canyon becomes deeper with many small waterfalls and pools.
  • Turn left on the ‡Red‡ markers and follow the trail that traverses above the canyon for about 3.5 Km back to point (3).
  • You will have constant Birds-Eye view over the Canyon you just walked!!
  • Continue additional 700 m to reach your car. (1)

Topographic map with English labels and legend

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