The steep Cliffs of Mount Ardon, Negev Desert,Israel

Mount Ardon Hike

One of the best view-points on Makhtesh Ramon

A short but very rewarding. An ascend to the summit of mount Ardon the middle of Makhtesh Ramon. amazing views of the crater followed by a very steep descend back to the Makhtesh base. Walk back through multi-colored magical landscape.

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Region – Central Negev
Distance – 6.5 Km.
Accumulated Climb – 300 m.
Difficulty – Difficult (Because of the very steep descend).
For Private transport directions, use Google Maps –
Ardon day camp parking

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Important Note: The last 5 Km of your drive to the parking location are on a dirt road. The road is suitable for driving also with s standard passenger vehicle.

Important Note: The Google Maps location is not your final parking destination. From this point turn right on a dirt road with Blue markers and follow it for 2.1 Km until you see the parking area.


  • Crater – A roughly circular depression in the ground usually caused by volcanic activity, impact or explosion.
  • Makhtesh – A crater-like formation created by erosion

The word “makhtesh” is the Hebrew word for a Mortar and Pestle. The geological landform was given this name because of its similarity to a grinding bowl.

There are only 7 such craters in the world, all of them located in the Land of Israel(5) and  the Sinai desert(2). Of the 5 located in Israel Makhtesh Ramon is the largest. That makes it the largest makhtesh in the world. Over 40 km long, 10 km wide and about 400 m deep.
Further reading on Makhtesh Ramon.

Track description:

  • Starting point –  parking area at the foot of Mount Ardon (1).
  • The impressive ascend you are about to tackle is clearly seen in front of you!!

The ascend to the summit of Mount Ardon

  • Follow the ‡blue‡ markers. the climb starts gently but soon becomes steep. After 750 m you reach a junction with a ‡Black‡ marker at the middle of the climb (2).
  • Continue climbing on the ‡blue‡ markers for about 900 m until the Summit (3).
  • The perfect spot for an extended break.
The summit is 722 m ASL and 200 m directly above the crater’s base.
The name “Ardon” source is from the bible, 1 Chronicles 2:18 =>
“And Caleb the son of Hezron begat children of Azubah his wife, and of Jerioth: her sons are these; Jesher, and Shobab, and Ardon.”

The colorful Makhtesh Ramon viewed from the summit of Mount Ardon

  • Continue on the ‡blue‡ markers now on the edge of the table mountain with the fantastic view of makhtesh Ramon visible all the time. (A fantastic hiking section) After  about 900 m the trail curves right towards the decent (4).
  • Start descending very steeply on the ‡blue‡ marker. Caution in required and at some areas you might need to scramble.
  • The next 2 kilometers are unique. On your right is Mount Ardon you just came from. On your left is the “Cone” hill sticking out of the Makhtesh base. On the ground below your feet, is an amazing pallet of colors. The color of the soil is changing every few minutes between Black, Red, Yellow, Brown and white. 
Colorfull labdscape at the foot of mount Ardon, Makhtesh Ramon, Israel
Colorfull labdscape at the foot of mount Ardon
  • After about 1.5 Km you reach a junction with a ‡Green‡ marker. (5) Turn right and follow the ‡Green‡ markers for about 2.5 km on a flat and easy section back to the starting point (1)

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