Sunset on Havrim hiking trail

Ovdat – Havarim

A desert Spring and a Marl Wadi

An easy and rewarding hike. Visit the beautiful spring of Ein Ovdat. Climb the sheer cliff on an exciting path cut into the rock and descend back gently thru the magical Havarim wadi.

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Region – Central Negev
Distance – 12.0 Km
Accumulated Climb – 180 m
Difficulty – Easy.
For Private or Public transport directions, use Google Maps –
Tsin stream below Midreshet Ben Gurion

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Track description:

  • Starting point –  parking area at the bottom of the “serpentine road” (1).
  • Walk south-west on the paved road (Not waymarked) until you reach the entrance to the Natural park where you will have to buy an entrance ticket. (2)
  • The ‡Blue‡ markersstarts here. Follow it along the wadi until we reach the beautiful pond of Ein Ovdat spring.
  • Continue on the ‡Blue‡ markers and shortly after the spring the trail starts to climbs thru the cliff with steps and ladders.
  • At the end of the climb we meet another paved road (3)
  • Follow the unmarked paved road west for about 900 m until meeting a minor paved road with ‡Red‡ markers(4). 
  • Turn right and follow the ‡Red‡ markers on the paved road for 1.2 Km. It then changes to a dirt road. continue to follow it for another 1.5 km until reaching the junction with a ‡Green‡ marker (5).
  • We are now in Havarim Wadi. “Havarim” in english means Marl. The colors are very bright and because of this it is very popular to walk this section on a full moon night.
  • Turn right a go down the wadi on the ‡Green‡ markers wich later merges with ‡Blue‡ markers.  After 3 Km down the wadi bed you reach the starting point (1).

Topographic map with English labels and legend

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Bonus Tip:
If you have still time and energy, don’t miss an amazing local fun activity – SandSurfing!
Read all about it in  Israel Best Trips Travel blog.

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