Nahal Amud in the Upper Galilee

Nahal Amud (Amud Stream) – Hike

Hike one of the most attractive streams in Israel. Walk down the beautiful Amud stream. Along the way, pass numerous ancient watermills, pools, and wild-flowers. On the way back climb to the “Mizpe Hayamim” mountain. One of the only spots where you can view both the Sea of Galilee & the Mediterranean.

Hike Metrics
Hike Description
Distance13.5 Km
Short versions5 Km
Climb500 m
Short very easy
BestDec - Apr
PossibleOct - May
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For Public transportation: Take Bus #361 to Kfar Shammai. And start the hike from point (8).

Amud Stream
One of the most attractive streams in Israel. In addition to its natural beauty, there are also interesting signs of ancient human activities like watermills, aqueducts, and orchards. The source of the stream, Ramat Dalton, is located 800 meters above sea level. Its drainage basin includes the peaks of Mount Canaan (955 meters) and Mount Meron (1,204 meters) and flows south through to the northwest part of the Sea of Galilee, a total descent of 1200 meters. However, the Israeli national water company pumps a big portion of the water from its bigger springs. During the summer and fall, only short sections have flowing water. During winter and spring (and especially after heavy rainfall), water flow is much stronger and flows in longer sections. The stream is named after the pillar (“Amud in Hebrew is Pilar) that rises high above the ground and is located near the end of the stream 5 Km from the Sea of Galilee. Near the pillar, some caves were once inhabited by Homo heidelbergensis and later by Neanderthal Man.

Highlights of the hike

  • Walking along the section of the stream that has a water flow all year round.
  • Pass along Natural pools, Small cascades, and Ancient watermills.
  • Climb to Mount Mitspe Hayamim. (The only spot in the country where you can see both the Sea of Galilee and the Mediterranean sea.)
  • For the short version, Return from (5) to the beginning. Follow the ‡Blue‡ markers back to (3) and then climb on the ‡Red‡ markers back to (1).
  • Starting point –  parking area at Nahal Amud Natural Reserve (1). (entrance fee required)
  • Follow the ‡Green‡ markers down to the junction with the ‡Black‡ marker trail (2).

Detailed hiking map

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  • the ‡Black‡ marker in this section is along the INT (Israel National Trail)
  • You are now at the Miron stream, Which is a tributary of the Amud Stream.
  • Follow the ‡Black‡ markers for 250 m to reach the Yakim spring. (3) A small waterfall feeds a large 4X4 meters pool with plenty of shade.
  • Continue with the ‡Black‡ markers along the stream bed for about 850 to reach the “Mivtasha”, and old Wool mill(4).
Wool Factory
During the 16th century, Sefad was a center of the textile industry. The ruin is of an old hydro mill for processing wool, which is similar to the old flour mills. The muffler uses the water force to move large wooden hammers, which hit the wool for compression and reinforcement.
  • Continue further with the ‡Black‡  for about 200 m to reach the Shechvi Pools. (5)

Amud stream, Upper Galilee, Israel

  • The right spot for an extended break!
  • Continue further with the ‡Black‡ markers (along with the INT) for about 3.5 Km to reach Seter Spring and the junction with the ‡Blue‡ Trail. (6)
  • In this section, the stream is usually dry also in winter.
  • Along the way, you will pass six ancient Watermills and the Aqueduct system that connected them.

Amud stream, Upper Galilee, Israel

  • Turn Right and follow the ‡Blue‡ markers climbing rather steeply about 450 m to reach the top of “Mizpe Hayamim” mountain. (In English – The Seas Viewpoint). (7)
  • It is The only spot in the country where you can see both the Sea of Galilee and the Mediterranean sea.
  • A “killer” spot for an extended break!

  • Descend to the other side on the ‡Blue‡ markers for about 1.3 Km until reaching the main road #866. (8)
  • Turn right and walk carefully along the main road (Unmarked) for about 3 Km until the road sign to the Amud National Park. (9)
  • Turn right again and walk about 1 Km to reach your car. (1)

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A pool along the Kziv Stream
Pool in Kziv Stream

The ultimate Hiking experience:

  • Start at the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Hike along the Kziv stream.
  • Pass through the Druze villages of the Galilee.
  • Hike the full length of Amud stream until the shores of Lake Kinneret.
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