Nahal Amud in the Upper Galilee

Nahal Amud (Amud Stream)

Hike one of the most attractive streams in Israel.

Walk down a beautiful stream. Along the way pass numerous ancient water-mills, pools and wild-flowers. On the way back climb to the “Mizpe Hayamim” mountain. One of the only spots were you can view both the Sea of Galilee & the Mediterranean.

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Region – Upper Galilee (Galil)
Distance – 13.5 Km (5 Km Short version)
Accumulated Climb – 500 m
Difficulty – Moderate .
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Nahal Amud National Park

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Track description:

  • For the short version, Return from (5) to the begining. Follow the ‡Blue‡ markers back to (3) and then climb on the ‡Red‡ markers back to (1).
  • Starting point –  parking area at Nahal Amud Natural Reserve (1). (entrance fee required)
  • Follow the ‡Green‡ markers down to the junction with the ‡Black‡ marker trail (2).
  • the ‡Black‡ marker in this section is along the INT (Israel National Trail)
  • You are now at the Miron stream, Which is a tributary of the Amud Stream.
  • Follow the ‡Black‡ markers for 250 m to reach the Yakim spring. (3) A small waterfall feeds a large 4X4 meters pool with plenty of shade.
  • Continue with the ‡Black‡ markers along the stream bed for about 850 to reach the “Mivtasha”, and old Wool mill(4).
During the 16th century Sefad was a center of textile industry. The ruin are of an old hydro mill for processing wool, which is similar to the old flour mills . The muffler uses the water force to move large wooden hammers, which hit wool for the purpose of compression and reinforcement.
  • Continue further with the ‡Black‡  for about 200 m to reach the Shechvi Pools. (5)

Amud stream, Upper Galilee, Israel

  • The right spot for an extended break!
  • Continue further with the ‡Black‡ markers (along the INT) for about 3.5 Km to reach Seter Spring and the junction with the ‡Blue‡ marker. (6)
  • In this section the streams is usually dry also in winter.
  • Along the way you will pass 6 ancient Watermills and the Aqueduct system that connected them.
    Amud stream, Upper Galilee, Israel
  • Turn RIght and follow the ‡Blue‡ markers climbing rather steeply about 450 m to reach the top of “Mizpe Hayamim” mountain. (In English – The Seas Viewpoint). (7)
  • This is one of the few places in the country where from the same spot you can see both the Sea of Galilee and the Mediterranean sea.
  • Another great spot for an extended break!

Sea of Galilee view from Mount Mitzpe Hayamim

  • Descend to the other side on the ‡Blue‡ markers for about 1.3 Km until reaching the main road #866. (8)
  • Turn right and walk carefully along the main road (Unmarked) for about 3 Km until the road sign to the Amud National Park . (9)
  • Turn right again  and walk about 1 Km to reach your car. (1)

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