Mount Hermon from the Bashanit ridge

Bashanit Ridge

Wide views on the Northern Golan Heights and Syria.

On the first half of the hike we will climb gently through an oak forest that is full with a variety  of wild-flowers. On the 2nd half we will reach a fantastic view-point at the top of mount Kortam. It is also the best area to tour the Golan after snowfall.

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Region – Golan Heights
Distance – 10 Km
Accumulated Climb – 200 m
Difficulty – Medium
For Private or Public transport directions, use Google Maps  Alonei Habashan

Recommended Month
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Track description:

  • Starting point:  Access road to Alonei Habashan  (1).
  • Walk south along the main road #89 until the start of the dirt road with  ‡Green‡ markers (2).
  • Turn left and follow the  ‡Green‡ markers, Shortly you will find on your right  a spring that fills a short stream of water.
  •  follow this dirt road for about 1 Km (3).
  • At this point the ‡Green‡ markers branch left on a foot-path.
  • You are now starting to climb the Bashanit Ridge.
  • From this point until point (5) the area is full of wild-flowers (From early Autumn to later spring).
  • Turn left and continue on the ‡Green‡ markers for another 850 m until meeting a dirt road (4).
  • At his point the ‡Green‡ markers merge with the Golan Trail.
  • Continue on the ‡Green‡ markers now joined by the Golan trail markers.
  • Follow it for 1.2 Km until reaching a minor paved road (5).
  • Turn left and follow the paved road for 1.2 Km, until a junction with a dirt road (6).
  • At this point the  ‡Green‡ markers continue on the paved road, while the Golan trail markers go right on the dirt road.
  • Turn right and follow the Golan Trail.
  • Follow the Golan Trail for 880 m and watch our for an unmarked dirt road branching to the right (7).
  • Turn right on the unmarked road and climb a few minutes to the top of Mt. Kortam.
  • At the top at an altitude of 1125 m there are ruins of a deserted IDF bunker and and an old Tank.
  • More important, a fantastic 360° view on all northern Israel and far into Syria.
  • A great spot for your extended break.
  • Walk back down to (7). turn right and continue down the Golan trail for 750 m until a T junction of dirt roads (8).
  • At this point the Golan trail goes right. Turn left now on an unmarked dirt road and continue for about 900 m, until you reach the main road #98 (9).
  • Turn left and walk along the main road for about 2.5 Km until the starting point (1).

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