Hiking in Eilat Mountains - Red Canyon

Red Canyon in Eilat Mountains

The Red Canyon is a  “classic”, easy and accessible hike.The colorful and narrow Red Canyon gorge gives a good taste of desert hiking without sweating too much.

Hike Metrics
Hike Description
Distance5 Km
Short versions2 Km
Climb100 m
BestNov - Apr
PossibleNov - Apr
/ Start PointGoogle-Maps-icon-2020

How to get to the Red Canyon by Bus?
No need to get ripped of with a private shuttle. There is a public bus #392 service from Eilat to Beersheva with a stop at the Red Canyon.
  • Daily departures on weekdays at: 09:00, 13:30, 15:00, 17:00
  • Daily Return on weekdays at: 12:00, 13:15, 16:00, 19:45
  • Price: 3.5$ one way.

(Updated on February 2019, Online data at Bus.co.il)

How to get by bus to eilat red canyon

  • Transportation: By Car – from the Google-Maps location, Turn right on the Red marked dirt road and follow it for 1 km until the trail head. By Bus – You will have to walk the above 1 Kilometer.
  • The hike is very easy, but include a few sections with metal wedges and ladders inside the narrow canyon.
The “Red Canyon” is a short section of Wadi Shani that starts its way in the Sinai Desert (Egypt), crosses the border, and continues through the Eilat Mountains. at some point, the wadi carves its way deep into red sandstone, creating a narrow and impressive canyon. This section is known as the “Red Canyon”. A hike though the Red Canyon is one of the most popular routes in the Eilat Mountains.
  • Starting point for the walk:  Parking area at the end of the dirt road  (1).
  • Follow the ‡Green‡ markers down the Wadi. In the beginning the Wadi is wide, but after a few hundred meters the walls start closing and we enter the canyon on a natural rock slide with handles. (2)
Red Canyon Hiking Map, Eilat, Irsael
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  •  Over the next 500 m we pass a series of small dry waterfalls and sharp turns as the canyon becomes narrower reaching a width of less then 2 meters. The colors are a mix of Red, Brown and Yellow. A real natural Gem!!

Eilat Red Canyon Hike

  • After this section you will clearly understand where the nickname “Red Canyon” came from!
  • We reach a junction a with a ‡Black‡ marked trail. (3)
  • For the short version turn right on the ‡Black‡ markers to return to the starting point.
  • Continue following the ‡Green‡ markers for about 1.5 km down the wide Wadi until a junction with another ‡Black‡ marked trail. (4)
  • Turn right and climb gently up the wadi on the ‡Black‡ marked wadi, until the way is blocked by a tall dry waterfall.
  • The trial now climbs steeply on the left (East) bank to the head of the waterfall (5).
  • This is a great resting spot with with good views.
  • Continue another 300 m with the ‡Black‡ markers until a junction with a ‡Red‡ marked trail. Turn right, and follow it for 1 km, back to the starting point.

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Why are the Eilat Mountains so Colorful?

The Legend:

Many years ago, all the mountains in the world lacked colors and shades. The mountains turned to God and said, “Why we do not have colors like the birds, the butterflies and the flowers. You gave all of them many different and beautiful colors, and only we, the mountains, are so gray and ugly …”? God listened to the mountains and decided to accept their request. He sent his angels and they quickly painted the mountains. the polar mountains – In white color, the mountains in the desert – brown-yellow, the volcanoes – in black. So, the angels passed through the whole world and painted it with colors. When they reached the the Eilat mountains, very little paint remained in their buckets. So, the angels decided to paint the Eilat Mountains in all the remaining colors: a little black, a little red and a little yellow. Therefore, Eilat Mountains are the most colorful mountains in the world.

The Facts:

Formation Rocks:
The mountains of Eilat are at the northern end of a mountain mass called the Arab Tablet. This block is made up of a variety of basic rocks that are sharp and serrated. The rock that stands out here is the Granite rock. This is a plutonic foundation rock, created by the slow cooling of a flow deep below ground. (Black Color)
Marine sedimentary rocks:
In the Eilat Mountains there are places where the foundation rocks are covered with marine sedimentary rocks such as chalk. These rocks sank into the sea when it covered the area. A “soft” and more rounded landscape. The relatively young sedimentary rocks are located alongside the ancient foundation rocks. The fact that rocks of different ages are found side-by-side is indicative of occurrences originating from Earth’s internal forces, such as breakage. (Bright Colors)
Earth sedimentary rocks:
In certain places, mainly north of Eilat in the direction of Timna, the foundation rocks are covered with sedimentary rock, mainly in Nubian sandstone. This rock was formed by the erosion of the foundation rocks. The decay material was washed from the foundation rocks, sank, coalesced and solidified into the rock. (shades of Brown and Yellow)

The Red Canyon is one of the finest examples of colors variety in the Eilat mountains Range

Red Canyon Israel – FAQ’s

How do I reach the Red Canyon by Bus?

No need to get ripped of with a private shuttle. There is a public bus #392 service from Eilat to Beersheva with a stop at the Red Canyon.

  • Daily departures on weekdays at: 09:00, 13:30, 15:00, 17:00
  • Daily Return on weekdays at: 12:00, 13:15, 16:00, 19:45
  • Price: 3.5$ one way.
  • Updated on February 2019

Where can I get a Hiking Map of the Red Canyon?

You can get the Hiking Map here

Are the shuttle services from Eilat to the Red Canyon?

Yes. Several companies offer these shuttles. Check with your hotel reception desk. However there is not need to pay their high fees as there is also a goof public bus service with Eged line #392.

How long is the Red Canyon Hike?

Between 2 and 5 Kilometers depending on the version you choose. You can find more details here.

What are the opening hours of the Red Canyon?

The canyon is open 24/7.

How far is the Red Canyon from Eilat?

22 Kilometers (14 Miles)

What is the Real name of the Red Canyon?

Wadi Shani