Hiking in Eilat Mountains - Red Canyon

Eilat Red Canyon

A very attrcative “classic”, easy and accessible hike

This colorful and narrow gorge gives a good taste of desert hiking without sweating too much.

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Region – Eilat Mountains.
Distance – 5 Km (Short version – 2 Km)
Accumulated Climb – 100 m.
Difficulty – Easy.
For Public and Private transport directions, use Google Maps – Bus Station on Road #12
By Car – from the Google-Mpas location, Turn right on the Red marked dirt road and follow it for 1 km until the trail head.
By Bus – You will have to walk the above 1 Kilometer.

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The “Red Canyon” is a short section of Wadi Shani that starts its way in the Sinai Desert (Egypt), crosses the border, and continues through the Eilat Mountains. at some point, the wadi carves its way deep into red sandstone, creating a narrow and impressive canyon. This section is known as the “Red Canyon”. A hike though the Red Canyon is one of the most popular routes in the Eilat Mountains.

Track description:

  • Starting point for the walk:  Parking area at the end of the dirt road  (1).
  • Follow the ‡Green‡ markers down the Wadi. In the begining the Wadi is wide, but after a few hundred meters the walls start closing and we enter the canyon on a naturual rock slide with handles. (2)

Slding on the red rocks into the canyon

  •  Over the next 500 m we pass a series of small dry waterfalls and sharp turns as the canyon becomes narrower reaching a width of less then 2 meters. The colors are a mix of Red, Brown and Yellow. A real naturural jem!!

Eilat Red Canyon Hike

  • We reach a juncion a with a ‡Black‡ marked trail. (3)
  • For the short version turn right on the ‡Black‡ markers to return to the starting point.
  • Continue following the ‡Green‡ markers for about 1.5 km down the wide Wadi until a junction with another ‡Black‡ marked trail. (4)
  • Turn right and climb gently up the wadi on the ‡Black‡ marked wadi, until the way is blocked by a tall dry waterfall.
  • The trial now climbs steeply on the left (East) bank to the head of the waterfall (5).
  • This is a great resting spot with with good views.
  • Continue another 300 m with the ‡Black‡ markers until a junction with a ‡Red‡ marked trail. Turn right, and follow it for 1 km, back to the starting point.

Red Canyon Hiking Map, Eilat, Irsael

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