Typical landscape in the Judean desert

Hiking the Masada & Dead-Sea Area

Explore the wonders of the Judea desert and the Masada fortress “off the beaten track”

. Real desert hiking just minutes away from the busy touristic centers o Masada and the Ein-Bokek hotels area. Explore Deep canyons, Hidden springs and great views of the Dead-sea from the top of the cliffs.


The climb to Masada

Turn a “Standard” visit to Masada national park into an Unforgettable Hiking Experience!

Combine your visit to Masada with an exciting hike through the Roman siege camps. Get amazing views of Masada from different directions.

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Region – Judea Desert
Distance – 8.5 Km. (Short version 4.5 Km)
Add about 2 Km for tour in Masada
Accumulated Climb – 350 m.
Difficulty – Moderate.
For Private or Public transport directions, use Google Maps –
Masada Eastern Parking

Mount Sdom, Dead Sea, Israel

Mount Sdom Hike

Unique landscape on a white Salt Mountain

Mount Sdom’s soil containing 80% Slat, creates a unique landscape that cannot  be found anywhere else. Deep creeks and special rock formations all in bright white colors. From the summit there is a great view of the Dead Sea, the Edom and the Moav mountains. It is also the setting of the Biblical story of Sdom and Gomorrah.

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Region – Judean Desert.
Distance – 10.5 Km. (Shorter Version: 7.5 Km)
Accumulated Climb – 300 m.
Difficulty – Medium. (The descend is very steep and includes several metal ladders!)
For Private car  transport directions, use Google Maps – GPS (31.091578, 35.392377)
Not accessible with public transport but can be reached with a short Taxi ride from the Ein Bokek hotels complex.