Day Tour – Masada | Ein Gedi | The Dead Sea (PDF)

A great companion to go alongside one of our hikes!

The Judaean Desert booklet takes you to the three most-visited sites in the Judaean Desert: Masada, Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea. (Just 4.0 Euro for an instant PDF download)

Masada is the scene of two dramatic stories: that of King Herod, a persecuted persecutor king who built himself a palace in the middle of the desert, and that of the rebels, who 70 years later used the palace as their last fortress.

Another story that my booklet reveals has nothing to do with ancient history, but rather with the story we tell ourselves. Masada is not just an archaeological site; it was also built as a national symbol that has its own story.
For competent hikers, I’ve included a description of an unknown trail that surrounds Masada. It can be combined, in its entirety or not, with a visit to the top of Masada.
Ein Gedi offers a variety of walking routes, and you can visit the main sites included in the booklet: the ancient synagogue with its mosaic floor, on which it is written that cursed will be the man who tells the town secret; the Chalcolithic Temple, and the flora and fauna of Ein Gedi.

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