Typical scenery on the hiking trail

Dor Habonim Beach Hike

Israel’s most scenic coastal stretch

This is an easy hike, suitable also for the hot summer. Magical coves, The Blue Cave and some great swimming spots.

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Region – Central coast
Distance – 8 Km
Short version – 2.5 Km
Two cars version – 4 Km
Accumulated Climb – Almost Flat.
Difficulty – Easy.
For Private transport directions, use Google Maps – Parking area before the entrance to Habonim National Park.

Recommended Month
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Important note:  This hike is suitable also for the Summer-Time. However, If you opt for the full version, we recommend to start as early as possible to avoid the hot hours, or start around 17:00 and enjoy the Sunset!

Track description:

  • Short version: Park your car at (7). Follow the ‡Green‡ markers until (6) and return along the ‡Red‡ markers.
  • Two cars Version: Park the 2nd Car at Nachsholim beach. Walk north along the beach until (5) and follow the main walk till the end.
  • Starting point for the Full walk:  Parking area west of Habonim  (1)
  • Start by Following the unmarked dirt road for about 150 m heading west until a junction with another unmarked dirt road (2).
  • Turn left and follow this unmarked dirt road for 1,900 m until a junction with another unmarked dirt road (3).
  • There are several dirt road junctions along your way. We suggest to either follow the GPS file or measure the distance from point (2).
  • Turn right, follow the unmarked dirt road for 220 m until a T junction. Turn left and after a few meters turn right again. Continue following the unmarked dirt road for another 600 m until you reach the coast and a foot-path with  ‡Red‡ markers. (4)
  • This section might seem tricky to navigate, but it is not. Just go west all the time until you reach the coast line.
  • Turn left on the ‡Red‡ markers and walk for about 350 m until you reach Tel-Dor. (5)
  • Tel Dor is an archaeological site located on a small headland at the north side of a protected inlet, it is identified with Biblical Dor. It was inhabited since the bronze ago and the excavations reveal findings from different periods. (Read More).
Ancient ruins near the beutiful beach
Tel Dor
  • Climb to the Top of the hill to enjoy a fantastic view of this beautiful coastal stretch.
  • Retrace your steps to (4), and continue with the ‡Red‡ markers along the coast.
  • Every few minutes you will reach another magical cove that will “invite” you for a swim or a picnic.
  • After about 2 Km you will reach a Junction with a ‡Green‡ marked trail (6). And in the water not far from the beach you can see a Ship Wreck half-submerged in the water.

Ship wreck Habonim beach

  • Continue straight with ‡Red‡ markers along the coast with more coves and swimming options.
  • After about 1 Km, you will reach a cove with the famous “Blue Cave”. (7)
  • The cave was formed over the course of many years by processes of erosion, dissolution and collapse and acquired its name thanks to its shades of blue.

The blue cave Dor Habonim Beach

  • Continue another 500 m on the ‡Red‡ markers, until you reach a dirt road and the big parking lot of the Habonim Beach. (8)
  • You can spend some time resting on the beach or get a drink at the cafeteria.
  • Turn right and follow the unmarked dirt road for 750 m back to point (2) and to your car.

Topographic map with English labels and legend

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