Gaash Beach near Tel Aviv

Gaash Beach Hike

A beautiful easy walk on the cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean sea that can be enjoyed all year round. Just 15 minutes from Tel-Aviv and easily accessible also with  public transportation.

Hike Metrics
Hike Description
Distance8.5 Km
Short versions6.5 Km
ClimbAlmost Flat
BestAll Year
PossibleAll Year
/ Start PointGoogle-Maps-icon-2020

The Gaash Beach reserve that stretches between Herzeliya and Natanya is characterized by steep Limestone cliffs. These tall cliffs rise about 30-40 meters above the sea and provides great sea views when walking on them. When walking below them on the beach at some sections the beach narrows down to just a few meters between the cliff and the water. In this hike we will walk North on the Cliff an d enjoy the views, than return south along the water.

Track description:
  • From the parking start following the INT (Israel National Trail) markers towards the beach. Turn right (North) at the beach, walk about 200 meters along the beach and then climb back on a dirt road.
  • After a short climb the trail makes a sharp left and starts going north. Continue along the INT for about 600 meters, until a junction with a‡Red‡ marked trail coming from the right. (2)
  • For the next 700 meters, the ‡Red‡ trail follows the INT, until they fork at (3).
  • From this point the 2 trails are parallel with just a short distance between them. We will follow the INT that marked now also with ‡Blue‡ markers (The right/eastern path of the two).

Gaash Beach view from the cliffs

  • Follow the ‡Blue‡ markers for about 2.5 Kilometers. At some point the INT will fork right. Ignore it and continue straight on the ‡Blue‡ trail unit the junction with the ‡Red‡ marked trail. (4).
  • Turn left and start following the ‡Red‡  markers After about 1.2 Km, the trail meets a small unmarked gorge that goes down to the beach. (5).
  • Turn right and follow the gorge down to the beach.
  • Be alert for this turn, because if you miss it, there are no other alternatives to get down!!
  • Turn left and just walk along the water for about 2.5 Km back to the starting point. (The walk along the beach is not marked).

Hiking below the Gaash cliffs near the mediterranean sea

  • This is a beautiful section, where the distance between the limestone cliffs on the left and the Mediterranean sea on the right is small, at some spots narrowing down to just a few meters!

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