Inn to Inn Pricing Wizard – Results

Price calculation results
Trek NameJudean Desert (4 Days)
Request date9/6/19
Hike Starting Date2/6/19
Number of Persons2
Number of Double rooms1
Number of single rooms0
Price / Person
(2 sharing a double room)
2,911 NIS / 808 USD / 710 EUR
Extra Payment
For a person in a single room
1,186 NIS / 329 USD / 289 EUR
* At least one of the days falls on a Jewish or National holiday. Price must be reconfirmed manualy!!
* Starting date is less than a month from now. The price must be reconfirmed manualy
* Prices are quotes in NIS. Forgein currencies are presented for convinience only
* Prices are based on the prefered accomodations as listed in the website. In case of No availabilty, we will try to find an alternative in the same price and quality levels, However this situation might cause a price change

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