Nahal Amud in the Upper Galilee

Yam le Yam (Sea to Sea) – Inn to Inn Trek

Yam le Yam (Sea to Sea)  is a “Classic” 5 days Trek in northern Israel. We start at the Mediterranean sea, Cross the Upper Galilee ridge, visit interesting Druze villages and the old city of Safed. Then, along Nahal Amud to the shore of the Sea of Galilee

Trek Metrics
Hike Description
Number of hiking Days5
Distance52 Km
BestDec - Apr
PossibleOct - May
Price From:850 USD/Person (Based on 2 hikers sharing a room)
Price Includes:

  • 6 Overnights

  • 6 Breakfast.

  • 5 Lunch boxes.

  • 1 Dinner.

  • Daily luggage transfer from one accommodation to the next.

  • Car Shuttles during the Trek.

  • 24/7 Customer service.

  • GPS Cellphone App for navigation with our Walking notes.

  • Detailed Briefing meeting at your accommodation on the 1st day.

  • (Transportation to/From the Start/End point is not Included)

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Overview Map

Yam le Yam (Sea to Sea) - Inn to Inn Hiking map

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Day by Day Itinerary

Day 1 – Kziv Stream

  • A pool along the Stream

  • Distance: 15 Km (5-6 Hours) / Climb: 615 m
  • Starting Point: Moshav Avdon
  • End Point: Moshav Abirim
  • Overnight: Durze village Hurfeish
  • Preferred Lodging: Hapisga Zimmer
  • Our accommodation is 500 m from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. (The first Sea of the “Sea to Sea”)
  • 20 minutes Car Shuttle from our Accommodation to the trail head, where our “Yam le Yam” adventure begins!
  • Most of the day will be along the Kziv stream. It is the longest stream in the Galilee, with the widest drainage basin. It is characterized by very rich Mediterranean flora. A mix of Carob, Oak Arbutus and  Oriental plane along with a huge variety of wildflowers.
  • There are several beautiful springs and pools that provide great spots for a pleasant lunch break.
  • Towering on the south cliffs is the Monfort Crusader Castle. A worthwhile short detour!
  • We end up with a climb from the riverbed to Abirim, where a car shuttle will take you to our next accommodation in the Druze village – Hurfeish.

Day 2 – The Druze villages

  • Beit Jan Druze Village
  • Distance: 13 Km (5-6 Hours) / Climb: 550 m
  • Starting Point: Druze village Hurfeish
  • End Point: Druze village Beit Jann
  • Overnight: Druze village Beit Jann
  • Preferred Lodging: El Jermek 2000


  • Today’s route connect two Druze Villages. The Druze are religious minority in Israel of only 100,000 people. It’s a great opportunity to experience their culture, heritage and great food.
  • The trail starts directly from our accommodation.
  • We start along the upper section of the Kziv stream and reach the beautiful Ein Hotam spring.
  • From the spring we take a steep climb to the ridge, and traverse the ridge up to Beit Jann.
  • Beit Jann at over 1,000 m ASL is one of the highest  settlements in Israel.
  • It is an ancient village, populated by the Druze in the 13th century. It is optional to book a tour with a local guide to explore the narrow alleys and learn about the history of the Druze. (Check this option in the booking form if you are interested)

Day 3 – The High Galilee

  • Ein Hazken Spring, Galilee, Israel
  • Distance: 14 Km (5-6 Hours) / Climb: 200 m
  • Starting Point: Durze village Beit Jann
  • End Point: Amirim
  • Overnight: Amirim
  • Preferred Lodging: Eretz Amirim Country House
  • The trail starts directly from our accommodation.
  • If you are trekking in late April or May check out if the Admonit (Paeonia Mascula) flower is blossoming. It is one of rarest and most impressive flowers in Israel and the best spot to see it is a 15 minutes detour from our trail. (The reddish flower in the above Gallery).
  • If you are trekking in October-November check out if the Helmonit (Sternbergia Clusiana) is blossoming.  it is also just a 15 minutes detour  (The Yellow flower in the above gallery)
  • We walk on the ridge south of Nahal Kziv and reach a small spring called Ein Hazaken. The spring is small with a very low flow-rate, but it it’s located in a beautiful open meadow. A great Picnic spot.
  • From the spring we begin a long decent toward Amirim.
  • You can be sure of a warm welcome when you arrive to unwind at Amirim whose residents are vegetarians and vegans

Day 4 – Nahal Amud

  • Amud stream, Upper Galilee, Israel
  • Distance: 8 Km (3 Hours) / Climb: 300 m (Not including a tour of Safed)
  • Starting Point: Amirim
  • End Point: Safed
  • Overnight: Safed
  • Preferred Lodging: Rosenthalis Boutique Hotel
  • We start with a 20 minutes Car Shuttle from our Accommodation to the trail head.
  • Today’s hike is the easiest day off the “Yam le Yam” trek. We walk along the Miron stream and reach the Amud Stream. (Nahal Amud).
  • This is a fantastic section. The stream runs along with beautiful cascades and small pools. You will also notice remains of past human activity in the form of  ancient Watermills and Aqueducts.
  • Another attraction of the day is the a tour in the holy and ancient city of Safed.
  • Explore the narrow and picturesque alleyways of the Old City, the artist quarter and soak up the unique atmosphere of this city.
  • The city has a long history, full of stories and myth. It is optional to book a Tour with a local guide.  (Check with us if you want this to be prearranged).

Day 5 – Down to the Sea of Galilee

  • The Pillar ("Amud") at Nahal Amud
  • Distance: 21 Km (8-9 Hours) / Climb: 100
  • Optional – 17.5Km (6.5-7 Hours)
  • Starting Point: Safed
  • End Point: Migdal (Sea of Galilee)
  • Overnight: Migdal
  • Preferred Lodging: Dvir’s Vacation Wodden Cabins

  • The trail starts directly from our accommodation.
  • We descend back to the Amud stream at a more eastern location than where we left it off yesterday.
  • At this section the stream is mostly dry, but not less interesting.
  • We walk between different vegetation types and varying climates. Passing through geological formations (one of which the stream is called after – “The Amud” – pillar) and passing prehistoric sites. End on the shores of Lake Kinneret (The second Sea of the “Sea to Sea”) at the village of Migdal where Mary Magdalene came from. You are now formally a “Yam le Yam” graduate!