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Are you a Single Hiker?
The standard price with full service is very expensive for singles, because many costs are not split and many of our standard selected accommodations charge from a single in a room almost the same price as a double.

We have a solution for you if you are willing to reduce the service level:

  • Settle for a phone briefing instead of a face to face briefing.
  • Sleep in dorms where possible or other budget options more suitable for a single traveler.
  • Hitchhike instead of using a taxi where is makes sense.

This option is offered for the Judean Desert and Golan Trail treks only!

Select an “ECO”  Trek from the Treks list to get the budget price

  • Payment terms: 10% at booking. 90% 30 days prior to the hike starting date.
  • Cancellation terms:
    10% – Non refundable
    75% refund with cancellation up to 30 days
    50% refund with cancellation up to 14 days
    25% refund with cancellation up to 7 days
    No refund for cancellations 7 to 0 days, or up to our consideration.