Recommended Masada Accommodations

To choose the best accommodation near Masada, you need to answer first a few questions:

  1. Do you plan to enter from the East(Main) entrance or the west(Back) entrance?
    East (main entrance) – Access via the cable car and the Snake path.
    West (Back entrance) – Access via the Roman ramp (Only on foot).
    There is no passage between the east and west sides by road!
  2. Do you plan to hike to watch the sunrise from the Masada summit?
  3. What is more important to you? Convenience or distance to Masada?

With the aid of our map and explanations, you will be able to make the right choice!

Masada Accommodations Map
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Masada Hostel

The HL Masada Guesthouse is the only lodging option at Masada. It is a modest hostel, but clean, pleasant, and at a very reasonable price. Accommodation level ranges between mixed dormitories and private rooms with a shower and bathroom. There are no restaurants in the area. Breakfast is included, and dinner is served at the hostel’s cantine at an extra charge. (2,400 reviews, score 8.1, the Price range for singles is 40-$120$). Its the only option if you want to start the hike on the snake path directly from your door-step.
Take into account that due to its location it is in very high demand and early booking is recommended.


Ein-Bokek Dead-Sea hotels resort area

Ein Bokek in the main Dead-Sea hotels area. It has the typical look and feel of a big sea-side resort area. The choice is extensive. From five stars luxury hotels to simple ones. Price ranges from 120$ to 300$. The drive from Ein Bokek to Masada’s main entrance is about 15 minutes with an excellent public bus service. Most hotels in the area receive medium reviews. The only ones with a review score 8+ are these:

Most good hotels in the area have a two nights minimum policy, So if you try to book for one night, you will usually get a No Availability answer!
* Prices per night for two people in a double room


Kfar Hanokdim near masada

The Nokdim Village is Situated 10 kilometers from Masad’s west entrance, in the middle of the desert, this can be a very atmospheric choice for visitors planning to visit Masad fro the west side. Be aware that access from the west is only on foot via the Roman ramp. However, it’s the easiest way to reach the summit for Sunrise. It’s a great place to chill out between the 80 palm trees and the 120 hammocks that are scattered around. Accommodation level ranges from camping up to private huts in different luxury levels and prices accordingly from 140$ to 220$ per night for two persons in a private cabin. The location is not served by public transportation!

Take into account that due to its location it is in very high demand and early booking is recommended.


Arad, town in Israel

Arad is a small desert town (Population 25,000) situated 21 kilometers from Masad’s west entrance. It’s a pleasant town with plenty of lodging options and a few decent dining options. A solid choice if you plan to access Masada from the West. Arad is served well with public transportation, but there is NO public transportation from the town to Masada!

Masada Campsite

Masada CampingBy far the most economical option is the Masada Campsite. You have to bring your own tent. A mattress and sleeping bag can be rented for a decent price. Phone: +972-8-628-0404