Nature in Israel

Discover our Nature – Panoramic vistas, Hidden springs, Colorful wildflowers, Amazing birds, Dramatic Desert, Magical coves………..

Mount Hermon from the Bashanit ridge

Hiking the Golan Trail

The Epic 130 Kilometers Golan Trail from Mt. Hermon to Ein Taufik

The Golan Trail is a continuous route from Mt. Hermon (הר חרמון) in the north to Ein Taufik (עין תאופיק) in the south. The trail is 130 km long and is divided into 15 segments of varying length ranging from 5 to 12 kilometers each. Both ends of each segment are accessible to vehicles. The segments are straight, not circular, and therefore it is necessary to leave a car at the end of the segment being hiked, or hitchhike back to the starting point.

Typical scenery on the hiking trail

Israel Top 5 Scenic Beaches

You can find a list of the “best beaches in Israel” on many websites. As you come to expect from “Israel by Foot”, our angle is different. We give you the best beaches in Israel that are also a natural gem. You will not find a Bar or Beach beds for hire. But you will find magical picnic spots and scenic beach strips, perfect for a sunset walk.

All the spots described are great destinations all year round. On the summer you have the advantage of a swimming opportunity, however from October-May you will avoid the crowds and enjoy great tranquility.

Amud stream, Upper Galilee, Israel

Best 5 Hikes in Israel’s National Parks

If you prefer to hike in the more secured environment of a regulated national park, “Israel By Foot” presents you with the best options.

We will review the most attractive parks for hiking and recommend how to get the most out of each one of them.

WildFlowers in Israel – An Amazing Experience

You are a tourist visiting Israel for a short period?  Let us guide you to be at the right place at the right time to experience this wonder!!

A very special feature of Israel’s landscape is the richness and variety of its flora, especially wildflowers. Despite Israel’s tiny area, it has about 2500 species, compared with only 1500 species in the British Isles that are more than ten times larger in area. In the period between mid-January and mid-April, wildflowers bloom in a variety of shapes and colors that will amaze and overwhelm your senses. But also, before this period, starting in September and after it up to May you can find wildflowers if you know where to look for them.

A waterfall in Wadi Qelt canyon, Israel

Hiking in Israel

The most striking feature of Israel’s landscape is its variety. This small area (Smaller than New Jersey) has the dramatic Negev desert in the South, the Galilee & Golan mountains in the North and many historical and archeological sites that blend into the natural surroundings.

Israel & Hiking – This pairing of words may sound weird to some of you?? A tiny country without high mountain ridges – attractive for hikers?? Well, read on and see how wrong you are……….

Bird Watching in Israel

Bird Watching in Israel

Even if you are not an addict “Birder”, but you are a nature lover visiting Israel, this is something not to be missed!!

Israel is situated on a corridor along one of the world’s most important and busiest migration flyways. Twice a year, more than 500 million birds from 550 species fly over Israel. The entire continent of North America, which is 1,000 times Israel’s size, sees barely twice as many species.

View from Hod Akev, Negev Desert, Israel

Israel’s Epic Hiking Trails

Our Self-Guided Day-hikes along Israel’s Epic Trails.

Israel is blessed with several long-distance Epic Hiking Trails. Most tourist that visit Israel are not up to it, or desire a more varied vacations that includes a mix of activities and attractions rather than a pure hiking vacation. Here at “Israel By Foot” we get that, and therefore we are focused on day-hikes that can be integrated in a “standard” vacation. However, some those  are along these Epic trails and can be an excellent way to get the taste of them.