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Israel Top 5 Scenic Beaches

You can find a list of the “best beaches in Israel” on many websites. As you come to expect from “Israel by Foot”, our angle is different. We give you the best beaches in Israel that are also a natural gem. You will not find a Bar or Beach beds for hire. But you will find magical picnic spots and scenic beach strips, perfect for a sunset walk.

All the spots described are great destinations all year round. On the summer you have the advantage of a swimming opportunity, however from October-May you will avoid the crowds and enjoy great tranquility.

  • Dor Habonim Beach reserve – Our first choice – The most scenic beach strip in Israel.

  • Hof Hasharon beach reserve – The best option near Tel Aviv.

  • Gador beach reserve – The best option if you are limited in time.

  • Rosh Hanikra Beach reserve – The best option up north.

  • Palmachim beach reserve – The best option down south.

  • If you plan to walk, DO NOT wear flip-flops. Wear closed sandals or walking shoes.
  • What is the best time of day to visit ?
    May-October: Very early in the morning or just before sunset. During the day it is very hot with almost no shade.
    November-April : Any time of day

Best beaches in Israel for Natre lovers

Dor Habonim beach reserve – The finest coastal strip in Israel:

Location: Dor Habonim Beach Parking

Crystal clear water at Do Habonim Coast
This 4 Km strip stretches between the Habonim and Dor beaches. It is regarded as the most scenic beach area in Israel. It is also very diverse. Within this short distance you can visit magical small coves, an archeological site, a ship wreck and the famous blue  cave. Go to our Dor Hike page for full details about this amazing area and a hiking trails map.

Dor Habonim Beach Map.png

Hof Hasharon beach reserve – The best option near Tel Aviv:

Location: Gaash Beach Parking

Limostone Cliffs overlooking the sea in Israel

This 3 Km strip between the Wingate institute and Kibbutz Gaash is characterized by a tall limestone cliff that drops to the sea leaving a narrow strip of sand, in some sections just a few meters wide. You can take the red marked foot path that start at Northwestern corner of Kibbutz Gaash and follows the top of the cliff with great non-stop sea views. Return along the stand strip near the water. Around the car park there is a big shopping mall with plenty of restaurants & cofee shops and the Hamei Ga’ash Spa.
Recommended Lodging in the area:  “Tiferet By the Sea”, a Beach Apartment with sea views.

Gaash Beach Map

Gador beach reserve – The best option when you are limited in time:

Location: Gador Beach Parking 

Chinese Bay Hadera Beach Israel
The “Chinese Bay”

Another fantastic beach area!! within a short strip of just one kilometer, you have it all. Two scenic coves, tall cliffs and a great view-point. From the parking spot walk down to the famous “Chinese Bay” (The bay got its strange nickname when in 1940 a group of Jewish immigrants from Europe landed on the bay following a 2 years stop-over in Shanghai.) From the bay climb up to get a great panoramic view of the Mediterranean from Tel-Gador just above the bay to the north. Picnic according to your preference near the water at the bay, or with the view on the top of the hill.

Gador Beach Map.png

Rosh Hanikra Beach reserve – The best option up North

Location: Rosh Hanikra Beach Parking

View south from Rosh Hanikra
Rosh Hanikra By Oriel305 [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons

This is a short one kilometer coastal strip that starts at the bottom of the Rosh-Hanikra cliff. The strip is characterized by rugged wind-swept rocky surface that drops directly into the water (without any sandy strip). This is not an area for swimming. Take good walking shoes and walk on the edge of the rocks, near the water. If you want to combine it with a swim, 200 m to the south is the Betzet beach that has all the regular facilities.
just above the beach you can also visit the Rosh Hanikra Grottoes, or sit in the restaurant on the top of the cliff with fine sea-views.

Rosh Hanikra Beach Map

Palmachime beach reserve – The best option down South.

Location: Palmachim Beach Parking

Arial view of Palmachim beach
Palmachim By Yitzhak Marmelstein [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons
A beautiful sandy strip, great  for swimming with an option for a short 2 Km round trip to the hill-top ruins of Yavneh Yam (Wikipedia)With fantastic views on the mediterranean. You can pick the a brochure with the hiking trails map at the entrance to the Palmachim National Park (Entrance fee required).

Palmachim Beach Map