How to use the Download pack

If you are on this page, you probably purchased a Self-Guided hike. On this page, we will guide you on how to download and use the files.

  1. It is more comfortable to download from a desktop computer (and not on a mobile phone). Besides, we always recommend printing a copy of the map. It’s always safer to hike with a paper map in your pocket as a backup in addition to the digital media.
  2. If you choose to download it from a mobile phone, do not worry! We will guide you step-by-step. The guide is based on iPhone 8, but it’s basically similar on Android devices.
  3. Shortly after the purchase, you will receive an email from the sender “Payhip” with a subject “Israel by Foot”.
  4. Press Download. The download link will open in a web browser. (Safari by default on iPhones).  The page works better in Chrome. If you have also Chrome installed, we recommend to copy the link and open it in Chrome. The guide below will continue in Safari as it is the default browser.
  5. You will get the list of files that are included in the pack, with a separate download button for each file. The pack contains files with .gpx suffix, which are GPS navigation files and files with .png/.jpg suffix that are images of the maps.
  6. Press download on the first file you wish to download. A new page will open, and the download will start.  In case you get a dialog-box hit Download again (It’s not always appearing)
  7. The download will start. Sometimes, mainly in Safari browser on iPhones (I have not encountered it on Chrome on iPhone, nor on Android), the progress “wheel” will keep spinning forever as if the download is stuck. If, after 10 seconds, this is the situation, just hit back.  (Ther files downloads anyway)
  8. Repeat this for all the files you wish to download.
  9. All the files are stored in your downloads folder on your device.
  10. To find them, open the Files app. (Official Apple app)
  11. Go to the home directory. Choose On my iPhone and then choose the Downloads folder.

  12. Inside you should also find the files you just downloaded.
  13. Let’s start with the maps. They are stored as picture files that you want to save to your photos library (Gallery).  Choose the map you need and then press Save image.

  14. The map is now in your photo library. Repeat this for all the maps you want to save.
  15. To use the GPS files, you will need to install an Off-Road navigation app. There are many out there. Choose your favorite app. We will demonstrate it here with the Viewrranger app.
  16. If you just downloaded it, you will need to login or register.
  17. Choose the desired GPS file. A text window will appear. Press the Share button and choose Copy to Viewranger.
  18. The app will open. Go to your profile, and choose tracks.
  19. You should now see our track on the list.
  20. Choose the track, and scroll down to the options section.
  21. You can either view the track (Useful if you want to have a look at it before you hike).
  22. View track Screen:
  23. To Navigate along the track (Useful when you are actually hiking), Choose Create Route from Track.
  24. On the dialog box, press OK.
  25. And on the next screen Start Route.
  26. That’s it. You are now in live navigation. Just follow the track and enjoy the hike!
  27. Still having problems? contact, or WhatsApp +972502009757