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  • Like one of the hikes on the website, but don’t feel comfortable to hit the trail independently?
  • Want more depth on Flora, Fauna, History and archaeology along the hike?
  • Want to hikes in a trail that is not covered by our self-guided section?
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Our Guides:

Israel Hiking Guide - Alon Galin

Alon – Our Galilee and Golan Specialist
Lives in the Galilee.  He has many years of experience guiding travelers both in Israel and abroad. Alon knows every hidden trail in northern Israel. In addition he has a vast knowledge in the history of the region (including the christian sites ). His biggest passion is to share his knowledge with travelers that wish to discover and experience “off the beaten track” Israel.

Israel Hiking Guide - Efi Cohen

Efi – Jerusalem, Judean desert and Masada Specialist
Efi lives in Jerusalem. He is a real “Outdoor Animal”, with years of experience guiding adventure travelers. Efi knows every hidden path in the Judean mountains and the Judean desert, on the ground and also under it. (He is an active cave explorer). Efi would love to take you on a hike and share with you his passion for the landscape and reveal its secrets.

Israel Hiking Guide - Benayah Blum

Benayah – Our Bible Specialist
Benayah lives in Jerusalem. He has decades of experience guiding all types of tours: “Classical” Bus-Tours, Private Tours, Senior Tours, Trekking Tours, etc..”. However, his unique specialty and passion is the connection between the Bible and the landscape of the Holy land. Let Benayah guide you on a hike with the “Bible in your hands”, for a unique experience you cannot get anywhere else.

Erez Speiser - Israel Hiking Guide

Erez – Just a nature lover
Erez lives in the Galilee. He is the founder and manager of Israel by Foot. He is not a professional guide and does not have any formal education in the topic. (A mechanical engineer by profession). Erez does not guide travelers on a regular basis. However, he might be able to join you on occasion for a hike and share his passion for Israel and its nature.

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