Scenic Road Trips in Israel

Our Scenic Drives program offers very attractive itineraries, that combines the Road Trip with  visits to unique Natural, Historical and Archaeological attractions along with interesting short hikes.

The Sea of Galilee viewed from the Mevo Hama promanade

Scenic Road Trip Around the Sea of Galilee

 Circle lake Kinneret, Near the water and High above. Get amazing views and Visit hidden springs, secluded beaches, an ancient synagogue and Christian sites.

  • Total net distance: 140 Km.
  • Total Net driving time: 2 Hours.
  • Total itinerary time: 1-2 Days.
  • Recommended Period: Any day with good visibility. Best chances for such a day December-April.
  • Take into account that during the summer temperatures rise to 35-40ºC.
  • Possible hikes along the drive: Menachamiya / Arbel / Zaki
Scenic road trrip from Tel Aviv (Or Ben Gurion airport) to Jerusalem

Scenic Road Trip from Tel‑Aviv to Jerusalem

Spice Up your casual Drive from Tel-Aviv (Or Ben Gurion Airport) to Jerusalem and turn it into an attractive Road Trip full of natural and historical attractions.

  • Total net distance: 70 Km
  • Total Net driving time: 1.5 Hours
  • Total itinerary time: ½ Day – Full Day.
  • Recommended Period: Any day with good visibility. Best chances for such a day December-April.
  • Extra Bonus: During February & March the area is one of the most impressive in the country to enjoy Wildflowers bloom.
  • Possible hikes near the route: Springs Trail / Ktalav Wadi
Scorpion pass (Maale Akrabim] road serpentines

Makhteshim (Craters) Land Road Trip

A short but dramatic drive!! Cross the “Big” Makhtesh, visit  desert springs, walk a few short desert hikes, enjoy a great view‑point on the “Small” Makhtesh and the drive down the historic Scorpion Pass. 

  • Total net distance: 50 Km
  • Total Net driving time: 1 Hour.
  • Total itinerary time: ½ day – full day.
  • Can be easily combined with a drive to Eilat.
  • Recommended Period: Not in the summer!! Best period December-April.
  • Possible hikes near the route: Akev / Havarim