Scenic road trip around the sea of Galilee

Around Lake Kinneret

Circle the Sea of Galilee, Near the water and High above. Get amazing views and Visit hidden springs, secluded beaches, an ancient synagogue and Christian sites.

Road Trip Metrics
Full Description
Distance140 Km
Duration1-2 Days
BestDec - Apr
PossibleOct- May


  • Kinneret Courtyard: Visit The 1908 Jewish Pioneers farm and the lakeside historic cemetery.
  •  Mevo Hama promenade: A stroller friendly promenade with fantastic views on lake Kinneret with an optional short hike to the nearby Shoko Spring.
  • Susita (Hippos): A short hike to the secluded and impressive archeological site of Susita.
  • Ein Keshatot Ancient synagogue: Visit an amazing ancient synagogue (400 AD) that was restored in a unique high-tech method.
  • Kanaf Spring: A great spot for a picnic stop-over.
  • Ashalim Beach: A secluded wild beach. One of the last unspoiled beaches around the lake.
  • Domus Galilaeae: A Christian meeting place located on the Mount of Beatitudes offering great views and an interesting visit.
  • Church of the Beatitudes: built on the traditional site where Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount.
  • Optional hikes along the drive: Menachamiya / Arbel / Zaki


Touring map - Israel By Foot - Road Trip Around the of Galilee

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You can purchase for just 6$ a set of Detailed maps and GPS files for the short hikes and lookouts along the drive. Maps included in the download pack are:

  1. Kinneret CourtYard Area.
  2. Mevo Hama promenade and short hike.
  3. Susita ruins short hike.
  4. Kshatot Rechavam synagogue area.
  5. Kanaf Spring picnic spot.
  6. Ashalim beach area.

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KINNERET COURTYARD – The 1908 pioneers farm

Historic Kinneret Courtyaed
Kinnert Courtyard By Limor Noah [CC BY-SA 4.0]/Wikimedia
  • Getting there:
  • Starting point: Tiberias Center (GPS: 32.788314, 35.540286)
  • Drive 8.5 Km south along the lake on road #90 (GPS: 32.721406, 35.569015) (8.5Km)
  • From the junction you have within 5 minutes walk both the Courtyard and the Historic cemetery.
  • Use the “Kinneret Courtyard” Map  from the download pack for easy orientation.

“The Kinneret Courtyard Is an agricultural farm established in 1908 near Lake Kinneret by the “Palestine Office of the World Zionist Organization”, in order to train Jewish workers for agricultural work and prepare them to establish new settlements.
The farm was the breeding ground for the Second Aaliyah and Labor movements, where the groups for the first  kibbutz and moshav (Like Degania, Kinneret & Nahalal) began to form. Further reading:  Society for the Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites
Just across the road on the lakeside, you can find the Kinneret Historic cemetery (1911). Many famous pioneers and leaders of the Labor movement are buried here, among them Berl Katznelson, Nachman Syrkin, Rachel Bluwstein, Ber Borochov and Moses Hess. The place has a unique atmosphere, full of greenery and flowers, and there are many unusual epitaphs engraved on the gravestones. However, to fully enjoy it you will need a guide, or a friendly Israeli that will translate for you. (Unless you can read Hebrew).


Ein Shoko Spring overlooking the sea of galilee
Ein Shoko – By Jakednb [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
  • Getting There:
  • Drive to Maagan Junction (GPS: 32.701942, 35.602706) (4.5 Km)
  • If you are feeling energetic, notice that you are just a few minutes drive from Menachamiya where you can go on this interesting 8 Km hike.
  • Continue straight on road #98 that begins here. This is a very scenic road that follows the eastern side of the Israeli Golan Heights all the way to Mount Hermon.
  • Drive on this winding road until Kibbutz Mevo Hama. (GPS: 32.738294, 35.656125) (16 Km)
  • After a few minutes you will see on your right the deep gorge of the Yarmuch River that forms the border between Israel and Jordan.
  • You are in the southern Golan Height now!
  • Once in the Kibbutz, Use the “Mevo Hama” Map and GPS file from the download pack for the short walks in the area.

The 2 Km long, paved & stroller friendly promenade runs along the edge of a cliff 400 m above the lake. It is  a flat and easy walk offering constant great views. You can walk all or part of the promenade. In addition you can add the 1 Km short hike to the magnificent Shoko Spring.  Use the “Mevo Hama” Map and GPS files from the download pack to easily find your way.


Susita (Hipos) Ruins, Golan Heights, Israel
Susita Ruins By Naama Amirav [CC BY-SA 4.0] Wikimedia Commons

A short hike to an interesting archeological site in a stunning setting!!

  • Getting There:
  • Drive to the Junction of road #98 with a minor road. (GPS: 32.76950,35.694333) (6 Km)
  • Turn left and Continue down hill along a very narrow and winding road until the small parking near the trail head . (GPS: 32.773986,35.663715) (5 Km).
  • The walk from the parking is 750 m uphill  along the black marked path.
  • Use the “Susita” Map and GPS file from the download pack to easily find your way.

  • The site is a perfect blend of archeology and a stunning setting!!
  • The city was built on the 2nd century BCE by the Seleucid Empire. The city was developed further during the Roman era. Most of the archeological findings seen today are from that period. The city was destroyed in an earthquake on 749 AD was left abandoned since. (Further reading in Wikipedia)
  • The site is located on small plateau surrounded by steep slopes from 3 direction. It is a dramatic setting and the views down to the sea of Galilee are stunning.


The ancient Synagofue Kshatot Rechavam at Um El Kantir
Kshatot Rechavam Synagogue By Amos Gal [CC BY-SA 3.0]/Wikimedia
  • Getting There:
  • Drive back up to the main road #98.
  • Drive to a small junction just before the entrance to Natur.(GPS: 32.852855,35.761458) (24 Km).
  • Enjoy along the way the wide open views typical to the plateau of the Golan Heights.
  • From the junction follow the Blue marked narrow road.
  • Use the “Rechavam” Map and GPS file from the download pack to easily find your way.

The ancient synagogue from the Mishnah and Talmud period, is one of the most impressive and important of this period found in the Land of Israel. The site is named after Rechavam Ze’evi, who served as Minister of Tourism when he approved the budget for the excavations and was murdered a few days later by Palestinian terrorists.
In this synagogue, an innovative method of reconstruction was first ever tried. The stones scattered around the site were marked and numbered.  Each stone was scanned with laser technology and its 3D model stored in a data base. Later, a computer program virtually reconstructed the building and shows where each stone was originally placed in the structure prior to its collapse. accordingly the stones were returned to their original location. The final result is stunning! Near the synagogue there is also a pleasant small spring under a stone arch with some picnic tables.

Update October 2018: The site is now regulated by the Golan Tourism Organization and there is an admission fee of 23 NIS to eneter it.


Ein Kanaf pool, Golan Heights, Israel
Ein Kanaf Pool
  • Getting There:
  • Drive to a junction just before the entrance to Kanaf. (GPS: 32.870114, 35.703474) (17 Km).
  • From here follow the Black marked dirt road.
  • Use the “Kanaf” Map and GPS file from the download pack to easily find your way.
  • The parking is near the spring and there is no walking involved.

A beautiful spring with plenty of shade, a nice pool and fine views. The best spot for a picnic along this road trip. (The place is usually crowded on weekends and holidays, but very peaceful on weekdays)


The wild unspoint Ashalim Beach on the sea of Galilee
Ashalim Beach
  • Getting there:
  • Drive down to the junction with the main road #92. (GPS: 32.882478, 35.660618) (Total 11 Km).
  • The entrance to the fun water hike of the Zaki Stream, is just in front of you!
  • Drive to  (GPS: 32.837760, 35.650950) (Total 5 Km).
  • Turn right on an unmarked dirt road and drive further about one Km. There are several turns and other roads crossing. It is recommended to use the “Ashalim” Map and GPS file from the download pack, to avoid confusion.
  • From the gate that blocks the end of the dirt road walk a bit further to the lake shore.
  • On your way you will be crossing the purple marked Kinneret round trail. (See on the “Ashalim” map).
  • If you want to streach your legs a bit more, you can go either north or south along the path as far as you like.

The area is part of the Kursi Beach natural reserve and is one of the only beaches on the sea of Galilee that are not developed as a touristic site and still offer easy access to the water. There is absolutely no shade on the beach and during the summer when temperatures reach 40ºC it is not recommended. During this period the spot is also very windy and therefore very popular with Kitesurfers and windsurfers. However, between November-April it is a great place to relax and enjoy the views of the Galil mountains across the lake.


Domus Galilaeae Inside
Domus Galilaeae By Hoshvilim [CC BY-SA 4.0]/Wikimedia
  • Drive back to the main road.
  • Turn left and follow road #92.
  • Continue until the entrace to Domus Galilaeae (GPS: 32.903436, 35.552535) (21 Km).

The building on the top of the Mount of Beatitudes and  was opened in 2000 and was inaugurated by the Pope John Paul II in his Millennium visit to the Holy Land. It is run by the Neocatechumenal Way and is used as meeting place  for seminars and conventions. There are several attractions here:

  1. The excellent views on lake Kinneret and the Golan heights on the opposite side.
  2. The exterior of the building and it’s gardens.
  3. The unique architecture of the interior.

For opening hours and additional information visit the Domus Galilaeae official site.


The Church of Beatitudes, Israel
Church of Beatitudes By Albert Ter Harmsel [CC BY 2.0]/Wikimedia

The church is located on the lower slopes of the Mount of Beatitudes on the traditional site of Jesus delivery of the Sermon on the Mount .It is a site of pilgrimage since the 4th century AD. The modern church that was built between 1936 and 1938 stands near the site of the fourth-century Byzantine ruins.
The impressive building is surrounded by beautiful gardens withe serene atmosphere  and another fine view to the sea of Galilee.


From here drive back to Tiberias along the lakeshore. (GPS: 32.788314, 35.540286) (16 Km).
At around midway, pay attention the commanding Arbel Cliffs on your right. Dont miss this exciting hike to the top of the mountain.

Mount Arbel view from the valley